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What to Look for When Choosing a Dual Diagnosis Treatment Rehab Center

Drug abuse has been a major problem in the country for a long time. The number of people abusing drugs has always been on the rise. Various studies have been carried out to explain why things are this way and there are different conclusions that the experts have come up with. Some attribute it to peer pressure while others postulate that drug abuse is prone because of the idleness of the individuals. However, the most common reason is usually be because of mental health issues. Most people tend to abuse drugs and alcohol to try and forget their problems that they might be experiencing. Such problems may bring them stress disorders and anxiety issues. Most rehab centers tend to handle helping the addict to overcome the abuse of drugs but does not address why the individual started using the drugs in the first place. This is where dual diagnosis treatment centers near me come in. These are centers that create the link between mental issues and drug and substance abuse and tries to come up with a long term solution that will work.

Most addicts tend to suffer from post traumatic stress disorder and other mood disorders that make them become addicted to drugs. Through dual diagnosis control, the link is established and necessary programs are created depending on the needs of the addict. Each individual usually has their own customized treatment plan that is specific to the issues that he is struggling with.

The effectiveness of this treatment however, is tied to some several factors. One of them is the length of the treatment period. Most psychiatric treatment center usually have the 30 day traditional way. This plan may not be effective since that time is limited and no impact will have been made. For mental acute problems and drug abuse issues, it should take at least 60-90 days. There are numerous dual diagnosis rehab centers in the country and selecting the best one becomes a challenge in that case.

Here is a guideline to help with that. First think about the certification of the center. They should be certified by the commission on accreditation of rehab facilities. A licensed center means that it has passed all the tests by regulatory bodies. The staff that work there should also be well trained on how to handle these patients and help the in their recovery journey. Learn more about rehabs at

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